Offering Effective, Experienced Termite Treatments in Kenmore

For over 27 years, company founder and owner Mal Brewer, his sons, and their elite team of termite treatments specialists have provided effective and reliable solutions for termite treatments in Kenmore. They are dedicated to providing Kenmore and South East Queensland communities with affordable termite treatments for their residential and commercial properties using state-of-the-art inspection technologies and cutting-edge termite control solutions. One in five Queensland houses is expected to experience a termite problem at some stage in the property's lifetime; in older homes, that threat becomes one in three.

Read on to learn more about our complete range of expert termite inspection and control solutions.

Accurate, non-invasive, comprehensive termite inspection services

Using state-of-the-art termite inspection technologies, our highly-experienced and trained termite specialists provide a complete range of residential and commercial termite inspection services.

Our team has performed thousands of termite inspections in Kenmore , reducing or avoiding structural damage and potentially saving millions of dollars in repairs, as well as the heartache and stress caused to property owners by aggressive Australian termite species.)

We provide a range of termite inspection services, including:

Pre-purchase termite inspections

Pre-sale termite inspections

Commercial termite inspections

Residential termite inspections

Scheduled termite inspection and more

Nest location and eradication

Industry-leading termite protection Kenmore

Advanced termite barrier technologies for new and old Kenmore properties

We are a local family-owned and operated company with extensive knowledge of the termite challenges across South Eastern Queensland communities and commerce hubs. Our Trademark is 'Keep it Local' and we have trademen in your area.

Our expert team provide a range of termite treatment solutions, including:

Termite dusting

Termite chemical soil treatments

Termite bait systems and more

Nest location and eradication

We only use world-class termite control technologies, including industry-leading Termidor termiticides.

The new Termidor HE (high efficiency) is the latest development from a company that has remained the termiticide of choice by termite control specialists Australia-wide for over 20 years.

It provides a safer, more reliable, flexible and efficient termite chemical protection system by strongly binding to the organic matter in the soil, providing years of protection in undisturbed soil.

With extensive research, testing and field trials, you can depend on Termidor HE to defend your home against even the most aggressive termite intruders.

Advanced termite barrier technologies for new and old Kenmore properties

A termite barrier system can be integrated as a physical and chemical barrier. However, physical barriers can only be applied to the slab of a new house during construction. Completed or established properties must rely on a chemical barrier.

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Physical termite barriers

Physical termite barriers come in non-chemical and chemical formats. A non-chemical barrier consists of a stainless steel mesh laid down with your foundation slab during your property's initial construction.

A chemical barrier is installed similarly but is made of termiticide-soaked polymer plastic. Some properties use both chemical and non-chemical physical barriers to optimise their protection.

If you are building a new home and want to know more about having physical termite barriers installed in your foundations, call 1800 625 499, or send your inquiry via email.

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Chemical termite barriers

A chemical termite barrier, like Termidor HE, is impregnated into the soil around the perimeter of your property, creating a vertical, underground protective defence system that deters and destroys harmful termites.

The chemical barrier allows our technicians to efficiently and effectively tailor a solution to each unique termite problem.

In circumstances with a significant termite colony or threat, termite baiting stations are often strategically placed around the property to dilute the termite population and provide a second line of defence.

Reliable and adaptable termite baiting systems Kenmore for all property types

Next to termite barrier integration, termite baits are one of the most effective and adaptable protection measures you can take to protect your home or business.

Termite baiting systems also provide:

Our technicians with ongoing data regarding termite activity around your property

Let us improve termite bait strategies as time passes

Critical information regarding termite eradication

We offer a range of affordable solutions for termite baiting systems and monitoring across the South East Queensland metro area to help ensure your property has optimal protection from aggressive termite species. Termite baits are environmentally friendly and pose no threat to pets and native fauna.

The best termite experts Kenmore has on offer

Our Termite Solutions technicians are family-focused and are passionate about providing affordable and effective termite control services to all Brisbane and South East Queensland communities.

With over two decades of servicing the Brisbane region, our technicians are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of termite control technologies. Our extensive pest control network provides us with all the resources and tools required to provide a complete termite treatment service you can rely on for results. We also offer a seniors discount for those who qualify.

Ensure your home doesn't become an Aussie termite statistic. For more information about our comprehensive range of termite control solutions, call 1800 625 499, or send your inquiry and personal details via our

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