Please read through my list of termite inspection and termite control tips and take a few minutes to check around your property for these conducive conditions. If you see something, contact us immediately!

It amazes me how many people forget about old tree stumps in their yard which could possibly be the sources of termite problems. If you find termites during your home owners check please feel free to call our ‘Talk to a Tech’ line 0411 222 382 where you can ask a trained Termite Technician for helpful advice.

Our ‘talk to a tech’ help line is a free service that we provide for home owners.

Our quotes are also free and we don’t have any high pressure salesmen to scare you into unwanted treatments. Take a look around your home and grounds for any of these conducive conditions……then do something about it!

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FACT 1: 90 + % of our termite damage jobs are in brick veneer homes, not old timber homes.

FACT 2: Termites can destroy hardwood! They’re just a little slower than in pine.

FACT 3: Termites and ants can exist close to each other. Having black ants does not mean you don’t have termites.

Here is my ‘most important’ list…

Termites must have moisture or they will die. Dripping taps, hot water systems and air-con runoff beside walls will attract termites.

Plumbers are cheaper than new walls so FIX THE LEAKS! Our inspectors use moisture meters to detect termites in walls.

Termites often nest in tree stumps and under old sleepers. Are there any tree stumps and sleepers in your yard. Take a few minutes and have a look!! Remove all stumps by stump grinding.

The idea is to keep termites as far away from your home as possible. Dump all loose timbers, logs, untreated sleepers and unnecessary landscaping timbers. Termites love them.

With some modern concrete slab homes it is important that you ensure the edge of the slab is left exposed. Weep holes in between the bricks, found immediately above the slab, must also be left exposed. By building up gardens or soil levels over the edge of the slab or termimesh or over the weep holes you may

allow termites to gain undetected entry into your home and bridge Treated Zones.

Australian Standards recommend at least annual termite inspections.  When was your last inspection? How long could termites have been in your walls?
Take a few minutes to check your skirting boards and architraves for signs of damage. Not sure what to look for? See our Termite damage gallery for examples. Think you have got a problem, then we have a tech waiting for your call or email us your photos for a quick diagnosis. See our contact page.

Poor ventilation and drainage under homes is a major cause of termite issues. Drain storm water away from walls. Install powered vents under your house if necessary. Keep it dry

Thinking of selling your home? Make sure it’s free of problems before the buyers inspectors turn up. A few termites in your yard or home and you can kiss the your home buyers goodbye. Call us for your pre-purchase or pre-sale inspections.

Landscaping timbers look great, especially to Termites! If they’re not treated, consider dumping them, or get them off the ground.