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True Peace of Mind With the Ultimate Termite Protection

Termite Solutions is a family-owned company founded and operated by Mal Brewer, his sons, and a hand-selected team of termite control specialists with over 27 years of experience providing the best termite protection Brisbane has on offer.

Our team of termite protection specialists are fully licensed and insured and uses cutting-edge termite protection technologies across Brisbane and surrounding South East Queensland communities.

A trusted name for termite protection Brisbane wide

Brisbane has a termite problem, with one in five houses expected to experience a termite infestation in their lifetime. In older housing, that statistic becomes one in three.

Our team of expert, termite protection specialists, is dedicated to providing our local South East Queensland communities with comprehensive, affordable termite protection solutions using tried and tested technologies and methods.

Termidor®: World-class termite protection technology

We use world-class termite protection technologies by Termidor, which have been market leaders in the termite protection industry for over 20 years.

The new Termidor HE (high efficiency) has made termite protection simpler, more flexible, consistent, safe and reliable than ever, offering optimal termite protection for your home or commercial property.Termidor HE's advanced formulation spreads much further through the soil than previous treatments to create a more effective protective zone that termites can not avoid.

This advanced formula binds strongly to the organic matter in the soil. As a result, it can stay in place for years in undisturbed earth, providing the highest possible level of protection for the longest period.

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Non-invasive, technologically advanced termite inspection services

Before instigating a protection plan, it is important to identify and isolate a potential termite problem.

Our highly-qualified and experienced technicians use non-invasive, state-of-the-art termite inspection technologies to find the source of your termite problem, including thermal imaging termite detection.

This method uses infrared technology that uncovers heat maps in all cavities where the termites make their nests. This method requires no drilling holes, digging or other invasive procedures that could damage your property.

Once we have gained accurate data on the termite colony, we can then find the best termite protection solution for your home with a full nest location and eradication service.

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Tried and tested termite protection technologies

Anyone who has seen a home decimated by termites knows how stressful it can be financially and mentally for homeowners.

With Australian household budgets under pressure, homeowners often worry about the termite protection cost; however, you can protect your home for less than you may think. Even then, the termite protection cost pales in comparison to the repairs that could be required to your property.

Go with a local team of trusted, family-friendly termite experts

Our team of family and community-focused termite protection specialists are dedicated to excellence in our field, both in termite treatments and customer service. We also offer a discount for senior households which can be discussed during your quote.

If you suspect a termite threat in your home and property, call us today on 1800 625 499, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our technicians will respond promptly.