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Ensure You Have the Best Termite Barrier Brisbane offers by Calling Termite Solutions Today

Termite Solutions founder and owner Mal Brewer, his sons, and their elite team of termite control specialists are dedicated to providing family-focused, community-orientated, affordable termite control and eradication services to Brisbane and South East Queensland residents. Our Trademark is 'Keep It Local'

With over 27 years of servicing in the local area, our expert technicians have the experience and training to tackle the most complex of termite infestations. Installing a termite barrier system is one of the best ways to defend your home against the threat of termite destruction, whether post-treatment or as a precautionary measure.

What is a termite barrier?

A termite barrier is a chemical defence system that provides a protective network in the soil around your home or building. The new termiticides, which are safe to humans, create a soil barrier that both deters and kills termites.

There are also products that act as a physical termite barrier systems for new builds to optimise your protection.

Termidor HE®: The industry-leading termite barrier Brisbane-wide

Our technicians work with cutting-edge termite control technologies, including Termidor chemical barrier solutions, the industry-leading termiticide Australia-wide for over 20 years.The new Termidor HE provides an even more reliable, flexible, safe and simpler chemical barrier than the classic Termidor solution. Termidor HE's advanced formula binds strongly with the soil's organic matter and can stay in place for years in undisturbed earth, providing unmatched termiticide protection for your property.

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Physical barriers

A physical barrier can either be chemical or non-chemical; however, both need to be installed with the concrete slab or construction materials during construction, making this type of termite barrier an option for new builds or additions only.

Non-chemical physical barriers are fabricated from stainless steel mesh or impenetrable products that stop termites from breaching the slab. Some homes in far North Queensland and the Northern Territory have a stone barrier made of small granite chips.

A chemical, physical barrier is made of polymer sheeting soaked with a termiticide and can be used alone or in addition to a non-chemical barrier as double protection. This type of termite barrier also must be installed during slab construction.

For more information about installing a physical termite barrier on your new property, call one of our knowledgeable staff today via phone or email.

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A chemical barrier is the most common type of termite barrier installed in Queensland properties.

A chemical barrier works by integrating a termiticide chemical with the soil surrounding your property's slab, footings and pipes, creating a vertical line of defence. In properties with a significant termite threat, termite baits are often strategically placed around the property to reduce reliance on the chemical termite barrier alone.

Get your termite barrier installation from the best in Brisbane

The Termite Solutions team is dedicated to providing our customers with the most affordable, reliable and effective termite barrier and control technologies in Brisbane.

As well as termite barrier installation, our complete termite solutions also include:

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Non-invasive termite inspections

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Pre-purchase termite inspections

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Dusting treatments for termites

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Termite bait systems

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Termite control maintenance and more

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Nest location and eradication

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If you suspect a termite threat on your property, do not hesitate to take action today. Call one of our highly qualified and experienced local technicians on 1800 625 499, or send a message via our online contact form, and we can contact you at a prefered time. Seniors can also enquire about the discount offered on all of our services.