Dusting Treatments for termites

The idea behind dusting is primarily to stop all ongoing termite damage and activity inside the house but with a pest management technician and a successful dusting, colony elimination can often be achieved. After the dusting, the holes are usually sealed (with masking tape or something similar) unless the technician has a specific reason to do otherwise. Foaming has a much quicker action and is designed to remove termites quickly but has less chance of killing a colony that is located far from the foaming site.

Your technician is trained to decide the best treatment for your home. We can give you an idea of your gold coast or Brisbane Termite treatment cost.After a dusting, the property is usually left for a few days to allow the dust transfer effect to run its course. Once the activity has ceased inside the house, and sufficient time has passed, it is time to perform the perimeter treatment on your Brisbane property. One sign of a successful dusting is when the fungus is found growing where the pests were treated.

Stage 2:

Termidor Soil Treatments for Termites

Before this stage, it is strongly recommended that control and annual termite treatment plans be provided for the Brisbane termite property showing where water, electricity, and telephone services enter the property. This can avoid mishaps for the pest management technician where drilling or trenching is required.Perimeter or termite barrier treatments are designed to prevent termites from accessing the home by creating a treated zone of soil around the house that they can’t pass.

Where there is concrete beside/underneath the house our Brisbane and Gold Coast Termite treatment technicians will drill through and then inject liquid termiticide under pressure. The holes are 12mm in diameter (other sizes can be made by specific request, but 12mm holes are strongly recommended) and are 150 to a maximum of 200mm apart. Once the chemical has been applied, injection holes are filled with similarly coloured concrete or plastic plugs to leave the site looking tidy.

In other areas, it may be soil against the external wall of the house. Where this is the case the pest management technician will trench down to the footings and flood with chemical, backfill, and flood again. All attempts are made to keep trenches neat and to save gardens beside the walls but this is not always possible.

Stage 3:

Follow Up Termite Damage Repair Treatment

Our complimentary ‘peace of mind’ reports are included after the termite treatment of your Brisbane home. The first will be performed roughly six weeks after the completion of stage 2. Termite Damage repairs can be safely carried out after the six-week check.Annual checks are recommended by the Australian Standard. These checks are to ensure that all activity has ceased and that the perimeter treatment has not been disturbed.

Our team offers an initial one-year free service period on our perimeter termite treatment Gold Coast and Brisbane which can be extended, usually up to 8 years, by having a yearly check by us.

There are several important facts about our Brisbane termite treatments and down on the Gold Coast area that you should know, that most pest management and termite control companies won’t tell you or don’t know, but we’ll explain them all to you when you book in an inspection with us.

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