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November 1, 2022

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Termites wreak havoc on Australian homes every year.Termites wreak havoc on Australian homes every year. They march along your floor, gather on windowsills, and make suspicious noises in the walls. If you notice termite activity, your space is likely headed towards an infestation, which leads to major structural damage, higher disease risk, and other serious problems. 

Luckily, Termite Solutions can help. Putting down termite barriers is one of the most effective ways to prevent termites from invading your property. 

What is a termite barrier?

Termidor is a pest control solution that targets subterranean termites. It’s a pesticide that creates termite barriers, which kill termites before they can crawl into your home and take up residence there. 

Termite barriers are extremely effective at killing large groups of termites because they “infect” any termites that come into contact with the Termidor. “Infected” termites will spread this low-toxicity solution to other termites in their colony. This results in a ripple effect that can quickly and easily wipe out entire colonies. 

Termite barriers are typically mixed into the soil by a pest control professional. The Termidor will stay in the soil so that future termites will be affected by the solution for a long time. 

Are termite barriers worth the money?

Short answer: yes! Termite barriers can stave of a lot of hassle and damage in the long term. Here are just some of the dangers of termites that Termidor can help prevent:

  • Major Structural Damage – Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs. It doesn’t take long for termites to chew through your property and possessions. Termites are able to damage just about anything, including concrete and steel buildings. 
  • Termites Going Out of Control – An infestation that isn’t dealt with in a timely manner can spiral out of control. They lay eggs below ground that can be difficult to eliminate, and because of how tough termites are, they will survive through extreme temperatures and humidity. 
  • Electrical and Water Damage – Termites can cause heavy damage to electrical wiring and water pipes. This becomes very costly and dangerous to fix. Circuit damage can cause fires and disrupt your home’s electricity, and leaking water pipes are no joke. 

Compared to thousands of dollars in repair costs and an unpleasant infestation of pests, termite barriers are hands down worth the money. Reach out for a free quote or termite inspection of your home today so our team of experts can solve your termite problems today!