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January 13, 2023

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Termites are destructive insects that thrive during the spring and summer months, so if you want to protect your home from swarms, read on to learn about how to spot termite trouble. We’ll cover the most common signs of termite infestation, as well as what you should do if you spot them.

Signs of Termites

Termites are small, a little over a centimetre in length, and their colouring is some variation of orange, brown, or black. They’re winged and resemble ants for the most part, but unlike flying ants, termites’ wings are longer than their bodies. 

The most obvious sign of termite issues is spotting the bugs swarming near your home, but there are a few other things to watch out for, including

  • Shelter tubes, which look like straws made out of mud, travelling up the outside of your home
  • Small spots of dried mud on the interior or exterior of your home (scraping the mud away reveals termite holes)
  • Sunken, narrow lines along your walls, under the wallpaper or paint layer

Seek Professional Help

If you notice termites or you see signs of termites around your home this summer, don’t put off seeking help. A large colony of termites can eat nearly half a kilogramme of wood in a day, and these insects reproduce relatively quickly. Letting the issue persist can lead to devastating results, so if you suspect termites (even if you haven’t seen them), call an exterminator.

When you contact a professional pest control company, you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with an organisation that specialises in getting rid of termite infestations.

Ask About Thermal Imaging

When you’re exploring your pest control options, it’s important to ask the exterminator whether their business utilises thermal imaging. 

Thermal imaging detects heat, and termite infestations alter the natural heat patterns in walls and floors. Many professional exterminators who handle termites use this type of camera to pinpoint exactly where the swarm is residing within a home’s interior. By determining where the termites are, exterminators are better able to target extermination efforts.

If you want the peace of mind that comes from a thorough termite inspection and termite protection services, reach out to Termite Solutions. Our specialists will inspect your walls, floors, and roofs, and exterminate any termite swarms in or around your property.