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December 23, 2022

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If you see termites this summer, it's important to take immediate action for termite protection to prevent further damage to your home.  

In the summer months, termites are most active when the weather is warm and humid. So while you’re making plans for a vacation, termites could be planning a trip inside your house. Every year in Australia, termites cause more than $1.5 billion in damage to homes.

If you suspect you have termites in your home, you must act quickly to get rid of them before they cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are a few things you can do if you see termites this summer.

How does warm weather affect termites?

Warm weather is one of the primary triggers for termite swarms. After a long winter, the warmer spring and summer temperatures cause termites to become more active. They will start to eat more wood, which can cause extensive damage to your home.

What are solutions for getting rid of termites in the summer?

If you suspect you have termites, the best way to get rid of them is to call a professional pest control company. They will be able to identify the type of termites in your home and devise a plan using thermal imaging termite detection and the application of a termite barrier to eliminate them.

Thermal Imaging Termite Detection

Even if you don’t see signs of termites, they still may be in your home. A professional pest control company like Termite Solutions uses thermal imaging termite detection. Thermal imaging technology can detect termites in both active and inactive stages of infestation. And it helps to monitor termite activity. 

Termite Barrier

A professional like Termite Solutions can apply a termite barrier around the perimeter of your home. A termite barrier uses a chemical treatment. This termite-killing pesticide will create a toxic barrier that will keep termites from entering. You will need to have this treatment reapplied every few years to keep the barrier effective.

Get Rid of Termites This Summer with Termite Solutions

Termite Solutions offers fast results at the best price for termite control services in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We have extensive experience. And our customers value our professionalism, work ethic and our competitive prices. Contact us for a free quote, termite inspection, or treatment of your property today. Two minutes of your time could save you thousands of dollars in the future.