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January 20, 2023

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Spring and summer are prime Queensland termite seasons. If you suspect that there are termites trespassing in your house, it’s essential to act as soon as possible. 

In this guide, we’ll go over what termite activity looks like and what you can do to protect your house.

What are some signs of termites? 

  • Discoloured drywall 
  • Squeaky floors
  • Maze patterns on the walls, furniture, or floors 
  • A hollow sound when you knock on wood in your house
  • Small, pinpoint holes 
  • Wood that is crumbling
  • Small mounds of termite pellets that look like tiny dots
  • Fallen termite wings  
  • Timbre that looks like it has been chewed through

You could also simply catch sight of termites scuttering around your home. If you suspect that there might be termite activity, that likely means that a colony of termites has arrived near or on your property. 

In spring and summer, this is especially dangerous because termites breed more during these seasons. 

A colony can grow exponentially, becoming an infestation that is hard to deal with. The termites in your home can devour nearly half a kilogramme of wood in a single day! Not only that, but termites can also cause serious structural damage, resulting in the need for costly repairs. 

What to do if there are termites in my house?

Naturally, you want to get rid of the termites as soon as possible. The best solution to fix your termite problem is to contact professional termite pest control. Experts are able to locate the termites and handle them in a swift and effective manner. 

A huge risk with exterminating termites by yourself is that you might only superficially kill off a portion of termites. The colony may still have eggs or scattered termite members. 

Termite control professionals will safely and efficiently apply termite solutions to combat termite infestations. You can ask about termite barriers, thermal imaging, and other ways our team of experts can help you resolve your termite problem. 

Protect your house from termites now 

Contact us online or call 1800 625 499 to organise a termite inspection, treatment, or a free quote for your home today. Our team is here to protect your residential or commercial property from frustrating termites swiftly and effectively so that you can have peace of mind.