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October 4, 2022

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Thermal Imaging

Termite Solutions has invested in the most effective termite inspection detection, Inspection and termite treatment tools available.

These include thermal cameras, borescopes, moisture metres.

Of course we always have quality torches and the standard ‘donger’ or tapping tool as well in our kit. Your Termite Solutions inspector usually has all of the above available. Here is a photo of what you may find in our kit bag. I’ll give some explanations of how we use them in this post as well.

Tramex Moisture Meter

Tramex Moisture Meters

Tramex moisture metres are the industry standard for termite detection. The are accurate, durable and very reliable. Moisture metres are used to guage the moisture content of the surfaces that we are testing.

This unit uses three ranges of sensitivity and a deep penetration signal to provide moisture readings and evaluations without causing any damage to the material that is being tested. Termites bring and create moisture in the areas that they are working in, so by detecting anomalies in moisture readings in wall and timber surfaces, we are able to detect whether termites are present, either before or after treatments.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal and Infrared Cameras

Thermal or Infrared cameras are essential tools for termite inspections. The only inspectors who will argue this point are the inspectors who don’t have them. We’ve heard all sorts of arguments why other companies don’t use them, but the reality is that with thermal cameras, we find termite that other companies didn’t.

Take a look at our post titled “If you don’t have Thermal” showing a tiled area in a bathroom with and without thermal imaging and the next photo showing a bath with and without thermal imaging. The second images clearly indicate where termites were packed behind the wall tiles and bath. Without thermal imaging most inspectors would have been scratching their heads wondering where the termites were hiding

Termite Inspection firms that invest in expensive equipment such as Thermal cameras, moisture metres and borescopes are much more likely to find even small termite infestations than those who only have a tapping tool or screwdriver. I know, because that’s all I had to work with when I was trained 19 years ago, but since 2005 I’ve made sure that all Termite Solutions inspectors have thermal cameras, borescopes and moisture metres available, so when we’ve completed an inspection we know for certain whether termites are present in the buildings that we’ve inspected. No more guess work.

For a comprehensive termite inspection contact us today!