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November 22, 2022

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As the weather warms in Australia, termite activity begins to increase. Spring and summer are when termites thrive. Does that mean you should get termite inspections done in the summer? The answer will depend on the purpose of your termite inspection. 

Should you get a termite inspection during the summer months?

The best time to get a termite inspection is usually as soon as possible. The moment you suspect termite activity, it’s probably time to contact pest control to deal with the termites before they turn into a problematic infestation, which may threaten thousands of dollars worth of house repairs down the road. 

What is the best time to get a termite inspection? 

If you want to know the ideal period for an inspection, late winter or early spring is likely the best time to get a termite inspection. Summer may simply be too late – by then, pest control may find existing infestations that are harder to deal with.  

Signs you need a termite inspection

Regardless of the season, here are the top signs that you need a termite inspection done NOW: 

  • Rotting or dying tree bark and wood around the building
  • You spot termites crawling on the floor or windowsills
  • When you knock on a wall, it creates an oddly hollow sound 
  • There are small tunnel-like dirt sections along your walls and floors 
  • Wooden structures in your home appear to be chewed through 
  • You find shed termite wings

Benefits of getting a termite inspection before summer

Fast action equals fast extermination 

Termites multiply once early spring hits Australia. The sooner you catch a termite colony near your property, the faster they can be exterminated. Professionals can help implement termite barriers and sprays to effectively handle termite colonies. 

You can save money in the long run

Termite activity can be seriously expensive. The longer termites have time to chew on your cables and building structures, the more likely they are to cause significant damage. You can avoid costly fires and repairs if you get a proper inspection done by pest control sooner rather than later. 

Get a summer termite inspection now!

Don’t let your termite activity fester into terrible and expensive infestations. Reach out for a free quote or termite inspection of your home today so our team of experts can solve your termite problems!