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November 22, 2022

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As the weather gets warmer, more Australian homeowners are noticing termite activity. Termites are pesky bugs that can cause extensive building damage, as they can chew through just about anything. One of the most effective ways to prevent a termite infestation on your property is to install a termite barrier. 

What is a termite barrier?

The pesticide Termidor is a low-toxicity pest control solution. It specifically targets subterranean termites. By creating termite barriers with Termidor, pest control can kill termites before they can even breach your home. 

How do termite barriers work?

Termite barriers are extremely effective at killing large groups of termites. They do this by sticking pesticide onto any termites that come into contact with the Termidor. These “infected” termites will spread this solution to other termites in their colony. This process can wipe out entire colonies. 

A pest control expert can mix termite barriers into the soil so that the barriers will stay in the area for a substantial period of time. Future termites will also be affected and eliminated by these termite barriers. 

Termite barriers help prevent structural damage to your home, which can be rather expensive to repair. If termites go out of control, they can also cause electrical and water damage, resulting in the need for additional repairs and maintenance. Fires may even result from circuits that termites chew through. 

Should you install a termite barrier before summer?

Yes. The sooner your termite barriers are installed for summer, the more protection you will have. The best time to install a termite barrier is often now, because unlike certain other pest control methods, termite barriers can stay in the soil for a prolonged period. This means that after installation, a termite barrier will go a long way towards keeping termites out of your home’s entry points. 

During spring, it is a good idea to get a termite inspection performed. This is also an optimal time to install termite barriers so that you can catch and get rid of any termite activity before it balloons into serious infestations. 

Install termite barriers today

Termite barriers are worth the money. These pesticide barriers are a great way to protect your home from summer termite infestations. Reach out for a free quote or termite inspection of your home today so that our team of experts can help you solve your termite problems!