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October 4, 2022

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras see things that are invisible to the human eye.

This gives us a big advantage as we detect problems long before they would have been seen with the naked eye.

By conducting thermal imaging inspections for termites, we have the benefit of another light spectrum, that our eyes cannot detect. Our FLIR hi-resolution cameras are 10 times more sensitive than many of the others on the market, with detectors sensitive to .045 of a degree. Many other brands, as well as the much cheaper FLIR i series cameras can only detect .5 of a degree, so when we are dealing with small numbers of cold blooded termites, we are looking for very small temperature changes that only the ‘Hi End’ cameras can detect.

Expect to pay a little more as each of these cameras cost around $16,000 each. Once you’ve seen our Flir thermal cameras in action, you’ll never settle another inspection without it.

Digital and thermal images recorded at building and pest inspections

The following images highlight issues that would not have been found without a thermal camera. We’ve been using thermal cameras since 2004, and I’m still amazed at what we find with these ‘Hi-Res’ cameras that could have been missed without this technology.

Ask for thermal imaging with your next inspection.